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Portfolio Course Exhibition 2024 

Welcome to our on-line offering of the portfolio course exhibition 2024.

This year we have enjoyed the company of an amazing group of women. It's been a few years since we have had an all female group and what a group they have been: encouraging, supportive, kind and generous with each other. It has been our pleasure to have spent the winter months with them all!

At the end of the week, they will all go their separate  ways, some will hopefully meet up at art college, others will fly off home, one over the big pond. But for now, they are all still together and showing their artistic endeavours to the world. We hope you enjoy their work....


If this has whetted your apetite for spending four months in lovely Ullapool, intensively working on your art, then have a look at our portfolio page for more information. It could be you featured here next year!



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Exhibition walk-through video