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Nancy Kassam-Adams

Nancy lives in Philadelphia in the United States and has had an active art practice of drawing and printmaking for just a few years.


She is a research psychologist whose work has focused on child trauma and health. She currently leads several collaborative international projects that aim to improve data practices in trauma research.  

Personal statement

I have been fascinated by the power of human figures in images – how figures, even when only partially described, can add a sense of human connection or suggest a narrative. For this project, I wanted to explore surprising juxtapositions of figures with pattern, background, and shadows, particularly abstracted / simplified figures and those that are only partially seen or not fully described: “the image of someone who might have been there”. 


Grounded in drawing from observation, I have used printmaking and collage and built three-dimensional pieces to explore these themes. This work incorporates a range of found and re-purposed materials including cardboard, newspapers, packaging materials, old books and maps, and salvaged / secondhand fabric and textiles.  

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