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Eva Faber

Eva Faber, half Swiss and Spanish moved from London to this area 25 years ago for the birth of her daughter Elena.  She remained here, moving to Ullapool in 2003 and working as a teacher in the Primary School for over 20 years. 


She retired from being the Head Teacher of Ullapool Primary in August 2022.  Having attended Eleanor’s evening classes years ago, she had promised herself that she would attend the Portfolio course once she had the time.

Personal statement - Objects and Memory: Ironing

What creates memories?  Incredibly, drawing two flat irons sparked my project through memories of my parents.  The irons have lived with me for years and belonged to my father who loved to collect functional objects, never decorative ones.  The irons in themselves bring no direct memories of him, but as artefacts they imbue my father; a maverick and presence. 


My beautiful mother on the other hand was never about collecting objects, she was all essence and spirit.  So how to remember her?  Well in her actions, her values and drive.  I realise that so much of what I am, is linked to her.  My mother made sure that all our clothes and bed linen were beautifully ironed probably a cultural thing and I remember her with piles and piles of it.  She bought amazing new irons so that it would make the job easier. 


I have in turn ironed for myself and my children and enjoy the mindful activity and the wonderful results it yields. My children too, continue to iron for themselves.  I have tried to pay homage to my mother in my prints of ironing boards.  The patterns are inspired by her silk scarves, which still carry her scent and which she loved and wore always.  I hope to have made the patterns as chic as she was.

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