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Liz Jack

Liz lives in Aviemore and is a retired primary school music teacher. She started painting as a hobby but still enjoys many musical activities including helping out at her local feis.


She plays fiddle, whistle and guitar with the group Musical Memories, based in Grantown. Last year she played the ukulele with the Carrbridge Strummers for the World Porridge Championships.


She teaches ski-ing and sailing and enjoys cycling and swimming around the beautiful Cairngorms.  

Personal statement

I have been to Ullapool many times and have always seen it from a musical perspective, enjoying the tunes at sessions, the friendly venues and the comforting sounds of the sea.

This time I am experiencing Ullapool from an artist's perspective and I have appreciated taking the time to look more closely at the interesting buildings and how they fit historically into their surroundings.The old dwellings and sheds drew my attention as I began to realise how some were slowly disappearing into the landscape around them, abandoned by people and damaged by the weather.

The forgiving qualities of charcoal and soft pastels and my experiments with acrylics have enabled me to explore the different textures of these structures as they slowly depreciate and are being gradually reclaimed by nature. 

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