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Beverly Wainwright

Beverly lives in Perthshire and has been painting for many years.


She is a tea expert and works around the world with tea growers, helping develop small scale tea factories and creating new teas. She has produced tea for Scottish growers and also works as a tutor for the UK Tea Academy.


She plans to start a new business in Perthshire offering art courses and retreats with a variety of tutors at 

Personal statement

Whilst living in Ullapool for the last few months I have become fascinated by those small everyday journeys we make so often, that are so important to our wellbeing. What do we think about whilst we walk to work, go to the shops or walk the dog? Do we truly notice our surroundings?


The brutality of man-made structures, steel railings, concrete pathways, bridges and abandoned buildings juxtaposed with the incredible natural landscapes here in the Highlands are jarring but also often unseen, we get used to them and eventually don’t notice them.


I have taken these pathways and distilled them down into interesting shapes and taken unexpected colour palettes to create an element of surprise and fun.

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