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On-line courses

Every one of our on-line courses has been specifically written for Bridge House Art by our tutors, most of whom have many years of experience teaching and making art themselves. We are proud of the richness and depth we have achieved in these online courses, they have been created after many hours of hard work and dedication, trying to replicate our courses that we deliver during the summer school programme.


We ask that you do not share any of the course content, including the worksheet pdfs, with anyone who is not a paid up member of the course. All the provided content is for the sole use of the individual course member and should not be used in any form without agreement from Eleanor White and Bridge House Art Ltd. This includes in the form of direct teaching to others. 

Please follow the links from the various course information sections. You will be taken to an information page with a short intro video from the course tutor. When you have purchased your chosen course, you will be sent a confirmation email with directions of how to access the course pages. You will have to sign up and create your own personal log-in information to access these pages. Please see our FAQ page for further information.

kettle light complete.jpg

Interior as Landscape
Tutor: Kittie Jones
Equivalent to 5+ days studio time

This course will give you structured sessions that allow you to explore different ways of approaching the domestic setting as if it were a dynamic landscape. Sessions will be made up of different exercises and approaches to encourage you to look with fresh eyes at the familiar. You will be encouraged to work hard and push the boundaries of representation as the course develops.

The course introduces drawing and painting methods covering; tonality, light, space and movement in monochrome and mixed media. Artists slide talks for inspiration and numerous video demonstrations for each stage provides comprehensive and generous course content. More course information.......


Course fee: £200

Course ref: KJ#4 IAL

travelling workshop, natural form mixed

Reinventing the Familiar 

Tutor: Eleanor White

Equivalent to 5 days studio time

This course is designed to keep you creative while perhaps working within a very limited space and with minimal materials. It can be done at the kitchen table, but also can be expanded upon if you have a spare room you use as a studio or if indeed you have safe distancing access to your own studio.


The inspiration for this course is natural forms of all shapes and sizes. Through the use of experimental drawing methods using dry materials alongside ink and paint you will learn to draw from direct observation. The course will develop a playful sense of composition by drawing and overlapping to see what shapes arrive from combining images and media. A colour palette will be chosen to build a mixed media painting that has the same sense of expression as the initial direct drawings.  More course information.......


Course fee: £150

Course ref: EKW RTF#1


Documenting the Change

Tutor: Kittie Jones

Equivalent to 5 days studio time

This course is designed to be both a structured set of sessions that build on each other whilst also being flexible to the time and resources available to each student. The first three sessions cover three different printmaking methods all of which are achievable at the kitchen table (I know because this is where I did all my demonstration videos!!). Each session is stand-alone so if you don’t have the materials for all of them don’t worry – choose the ones you do and start there. Worksheets talk you through every stage of the process, supported by demonstration videos.


If you have a roller and some printmaking ink that should be all you need to get going with this course. More course information...

Course fee: £150

Course ref: KJ DTC #1


Painting the Poetic

Tutor: Eleanor White

Equivalent to 3 days studio time

This exciting course will guide you through the creative process of designing and constructing a small folded panelled triptych which will hold narrative or abstracted images gathered from ideas or images that you have to hand. 


It could contain any theme you choose and could be based in observation or abstraction. You can choose to work from holiday photographs creating a space to wish upon and to take you back to that place or from sketches you may have had of a time you have treasured.  The subject is open to you and can be worked by accessing images from internet, magazines, existing drawings you may have, from your home environment or from reflected images in windows. More course information...

Course fee: £100

Course ref: EKW PTP #2

58 print detail .jpeg

Layered Colour in Print

Tutor: Kittie Jones

Equivalent to 3+ days studio time

This course serves as an excellent introduction to printmaking without a press. Students will explore ways of working in layers whilst being introduced to both graphic and painterly approaches to print. Kittie Jones has devised a very accessible method of achieving a set of prints which are unique, colourful and richly layered all at the kitchen table or a home studio. 


Print is a great way to create multiple images but it also present different challenges to any artist. It therefore acts not only as an art form in its own right but can be a great addition to a drawing and painting practice.

More course information...

Course fee: £150

Course ref: KJ #5 LCP


Colour, Composition, Design

Tutor: Rosanna Dyke

Equivalent to 3 days studio time

This course is an insight into the design process, looking specifically at colour and composition. Colour and composition form the building blocks of design and this course will allow you to explore this in a way that reflects your personal artistic style. You will learn skills that are transferable to any art or design project as well as deepening your understanding of the visual elements. 

In this course you will be taken through a step by step process to deepen your knowledge of colour and composition. More course information....

Course fee: £80

Course ref: RD CCD #1

22 final piece water and pastel.jpeg

Expressive Drawing with Colour 

Tutor: Kittie Jones

Equivalent to 1 days studio time

This course will ask you to take a limited set of soft pastels and explore how to create colourful drawings working from a simple still life set up. A couple of vibrant objects and some colourful papers or fabric to sit them on are all you should need to start working with colour and form. Basic drawing materials, a sketchbook and a good set of soft pastels in the primary colours will be all that is needed to complete the course. Each stage of the process is laid out in a step-by-step worksheet and supported by demonstration videos, along with information about what materials work best.

Small scale drawings will allow you to create intense colour relationships and start to explore mixing colour across a surface to achieve shimmering pastel drawings. More course information

Course fee: £40

Course ref: KJ EC #2

25 final final.jpeg

Expressive Drawing with Colour II 

Tutor: Kittie Jones

Equivalent to 2 days studio time

Are you interested in different ways of working with pastel? Are you excited by the potential for working with colour expressively? This course covers a range of approaches to working with pastels in order to create lively drawings inspired by the colourful objects you have around your house. Kittie will introduce you to ways of working that allow for both an immediate response to colour and a more considered approach.


Designed to talk you through working with colour from the simplest of starting points in a sketchbook to giving you the confidence and instruction for a more personal, expressive language to develop.


This course can be completed at the kitchen table and each session can be done at the student’s own pace. There are lots of hints and tips about new ways to think about drawing with colour which we hope will enable students to take on into their own practice, whether they are at the beginning of their creative journey or needing some fresh input.  More course information...

Course fee: £80

Course ref: KJ #3 ECII 


Experimental Mark Making and Surface Textures

Tutor: Eleanor White

Equivalent to 2 days studio time

A course for the beginner or experienced artist alike as this will take you through the process of mark making with mixed media.  As an artist I see this course as a way of limbering up to making work, just as a musician would practice before a performance , or a dancer would practice moves  or an athlete would train, an artist does the same, it’s  a case of learning processes, ways of working and expanding your learning from whatever stage you are at.


For the beginner it will give you an extensive lead in to understanding your materials. For the experienced artist it will give you a freedom to make marks with materials that you are perhaps familiar with but with the bonus of not making an image. This is the key to this course; you are free from the tyranny of making an image- it is about the mark and the way your hand moves to make that mark and the joy of the materials for their own sake. More course information

Course fee: £80

Course ref: EKW#3 EMMST


Drawing into 3D 

Tutor: Tembe Gibbs

Equivalent to 1 days studio time

This course is designed to help you develop your drawing, taking it from a purely suggestive sketch, to an informational piece that you can work from or just enjoy for the precision of it. The techniques are largely transferable between large and small works and as a result, it has been designed to be conducted anywhere but certainly from a very limited space and with minimal materials. It can be done at the kitchen table, but also can be expanded upon if you have a larger space.


Drawing should always be a great source of pleasure and when you delve down into it wholeheartedly, it will come close to meditation. This is a one day course designed to introduce you to the basic steps of learning how to draw in 3D or transitioning from sketching to more detailed drawing. More course information...

Course fee: £40

Course ref: TG DI3D#1

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