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Art Inspirations - free to access courses

These free to access courses were developed in response to the Covid-19 global pandemic. At a time when everyone was restricted in their movements outside of their homes, art became a large part of peoples everyday activity. We are committed to continue supporting our loyal and supportive community in their artistic journey and are delighted that these art activities are still being enjoyed by many on a free to access basis.

We ask that you do not share any of the course content, with anyone who is not a member of Bridge House Art website. All the provided content is for the sole use of the individual course member and should not be used in any form without agreement from Eleanor White and Bridgehouse Art. This includes in the form of direct teaching to others. 


This 30 day project will provide a drawing task for every day of a month (repeat one day for a 31 day month!)


All you need to get going is some paper (either a sketchbook or a series of sheets of paper that you can later combine together into a sketchbook) and anything that will make a mark on the paper: pencil, graphite, ink, crayon, ink pencil, charcoal, paint, pastel etc. etc. You can work on the plain surface or prepare some papers with collage or pre-paint the surfaces. We recommend that you prepare all 30 sheets before you start – that way if you are short on time you don’t need to waste time finding and preparing a bit of paper. We’ve also included a glossary of terms and drawing/mark-making top tips, just to help you dive straight in, no excuses, whatever your materials or level of experience, this project is for you! More information

Course fee: free


This month long project was released in June 2020 as June Jamboree!

We have adapted it to a weekly project, There are 4 challenges which will keep you focused for a month long retreat into your artistic practice. More information

Course fee: free


We were very encouraged by the multitude of creative responses from the Art Retreat month, that we now bring you a month of TALK and TASK. We will look at how artists work, by giving an insight into their processes and the highlighting the importance of why process is integral in the making of a work and then there is a task for you to complete. More information

Course fee: free

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