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Documenting the Change: print and mixed media drawing project

Tutor: Kittie Jones

Equivalent to 5 days studio time

Fee: £150

Course code: KF DTC #1

Course introduction and information:

Documenting the Change intro video

Documenting the Change intro video

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This course is designed to be both a structured set of sessions which build on each other whilst also being flexible to the time and resources available to each student. The first three sessions cover three different printmaking methods all of which are achievable at the kitchen table (I know because this is where I did all my demonstration videos!!). Each session is stand alone so if you don’t have the materials for all of them don’t worry – choose the ones you do and start there.

I am a printmaker in my own practice and I fully support experimental approaches to print! The course does not expect perfect prints from you – instead it is looking at the printed mark as a starting point to build onto. So, if your prints are not quite as straight or as clean as you would like do not worry! The last two sessions of the course will show you how to work on top of your prints using a number of different drawing materials. In taking the course I hope you will start to notice how much the light changes the colour and tone of your view as the day moves on. You may also see interesting weather moving past and the prints you make will provide a great starting place to visually document this.

4 cutting the lino.jpeg
5 oil pastels over print.jpeg

As an artist my normal habitat is a windswept clifftop, however until the time comes that I can access our coast again I have started to become captivated by the views from the windows in my flat. I’ve watched a sparrowhawk eating its prey on the ash tree out the back, I’ve noticed how the sunset is reflected in my neighbours windows, I’ve seen the shadow of a tree as it tracks across the gable end of a house while I’ve been washing up – all of which are new things I had not seen before despite living here for many years. I hope this project opens up new vistas to you too – I look forward to seeing them!

4 final monochrome piece.jpg

Materials / Equipment required


Black or dark coloured printmaking ink or oil paint ( I recommend caligo water-soluble printmaking ink, it can be cleaned with water– if you use an oil based ink you will need vegetable oil to clean up)

Lino cut tools

A basic roller

Tracing paper

A wooden spoon/metal spoon/baren

A stanley knife or scalpel

A non-porous surface for inking out – perspex, ceramic tile

A couple of A5 or A4 pieces of traditional lino or soft cut lino

A cereal box or equivalent

Ballpoint pen

Pencils and a graphite stick


Newspaper for protecting surfaces

A4 Printer paper or equivalent

Cartridge Paper or another drawing paper A3 or bigger

Hairspray or fixative


A selection of the following:

Coloured pencils, coloured pastels (oil or soft), paint (acrylic, watercolour gouache)

Paint brushes

Water pot


Compressed charcoal  

7 coloured pencils.jpg

What you get on this course:


Introduction video


2 Slide talks to reference artists for inspiration


5 sessions - step by step session worksheets


Video demonstrations for each stage


Materials list


Suitable for all abilities 


Course can be adapted for use in a limited space or studio


Offers small and large scale working practices


Designated Facebook group for group feedback 

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