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Colour, Composition, Design

Tutor: Rosanna Dyke

Equivalent to 3 days studio time

Fee: £80

Course code: RD CCD #1

Course introduction and information:

Colour, Composition, Design introduction

Colour, Composition, Design introduction

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This course is an insight into the design process, looking specifically at colour and composition. Colour and composition form the building blocks of design and this course will allow you to explore this in a way that reflects your personal artistic style. 

You will learn skills that are transferable to any art or design project as well as deepening your understanding of the visual elements. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to stay creative and explore new and exciting ways of working during this time. 

On this course you will assemble a playful still life, unique to your taste, to use as source material from direct observation. The course will teach you how to extract colour and texture accurately from your source material into colour palettes. This will inform development towards an abstracted compositional piece and further pattern design possibilities.

You will learn key techniques such as 

-Colour analysis

-Making a colour palette

-Breaking down form into shape

-Composition theory 


-Pattern development 

There will also be the opportunity to explore the work of other artists and designers to inform your work. 

The course is suitable for anyone from beginner level to more experienced. Step by step instructions and tutorial videos will help you to create playful contemporary work unique to you. 

The main goal is to enjoy the process and open your mind to new possibilities within your art practice. 

Materials / Equipment required

You will be asked to gather a collection of items with colour, shape and texture that excites you. They can be everyday items from around your house or natural forms such as plants and flowers. These items will form a still life to use as a reference throughout the course.


As well as your objects, you will need to collect drawing materials. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the materials –you may adapt the instructions based on what you have available.


Find a comfortable space to work that is well lit with enough space for your objects and materials.


Suggested media

-Approximately 10 sheets A3/A4  cartridge paper

-Thick card, cardboard or mountboard (You could use cereal box card)

-Acrylic paint of various colours 

-Brushes of various sizes

-Water pot and kitchen roll/rags


-Coloured paper (scraps, magazine cuttings etc)

-Embroidery threads 

-Double sided or masking tape


-Scissors or a scalpel

-Any other drawing materials

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What you get on this course:


Introduction video


2 Slide talks to reference artists for inspiration


5 sessions - step by step session worksheets


Video demonstrations for each stage


Materials list and suppliers


Suitable for all abilities 


Course can be adapted for use in a limited space or studio


Offers small and large scale working practices


Designated Facebook group for group community  

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