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Drawing into 3D

Tutor: Tembe Gibbs

Equivalent to 1 day studio time

Fee: £40

Course code: TG DI3D#1

Course introduction and information:

Drawing into 3D introduction

Drawing into 3D introduction

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This course is designed to help you develop your drawing, taking it from a purely suggestive sketch, to an informational piece that you can work from or just enjoy for the precision of it. The techniques are largely transferable between large and small works and as a result, it has been designed to be conducted anywhere but certainly from a very limited space and with minimal materials. It can be done at the kitchen table, but also can be expanded upon if you have a larger space.


Drawing should always be a great source of pleasure and when you delve down into it wholeheartedly, it will come close to meditation.


This is a one day course designed to introduce you to the basic steps of learning how to draw in 3D or transitioning from sketching to more detailed drawing.


The day has been broken into some useful information, a number of exercises that you can complete in your own time, a few demonstrations and a slideshow.

The objective of this course is to take you through the first steps of mark making and observation needed to complete a drawing for 3D.

It is just a start but will begin your journey from beginner or from sketcher to understanding the main disciplines required to provide accurate information in your drawing.


This course will suit beginners as well as those with some experience, all are welcome as we guide you through the various stages with clear written instructions, as well as images and video demonstrations.

Materials / Equipment required


Paper (250gsm cartridge paper is a good weight) - whatever size suits your working space.


Drawing materials: pencil, graphite or ink



A spherical object

A desk lamp or torch

A square or rectangular shaped object (ie, box, Tupperware, dice)


A sense of exploration. 


What you get on this course:


Introduction video


Slide talk to reference artists for inspiration


Time-lapse drawing demonstration


Step by step worksheet

An understanding of perspective in drawing

An understanding of form and tone in drawing

Materials list 


Suitable for all abilities 


Course can be adapted for use in a limited space or studio


Suitable for small and large scale working practices


Designated Facebook group for group community

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