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Interior as Landscape: 

drawing and painting domestic settings in the spirit of landscape

Tutor: Kittie Jones

Equivalent to 5+ days studio time

Fee: £200

Course code: KJ #4 IAL

Course introduction and information:

Interior as Landscape introduction video

Interior as Landscape introduction video

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'For me, painting – and perhaps even more drawing - has something to do with finding out, about discovering, about

understanding, about trying to explain – about distilling the essence and meaning and magic from the source material.'

Frances Walker

This course will give you six structured sessions that allow you to explore different ways of approaching the domestic setting as if it were a dynamic landscape. The sessions are made up of different exercises and approaches to encourage you to look with fresh eyes at the familiar.

You will be encouraged to work hard and push the boundaries of representation as the course goes on - enjoy!

3 double continuous line in progress.png

During the course we will:

● Familiarise ourselves with the subject of the domestic setting using hand-folded sketchbooks

● Explore different viewpoints and play with scale

● Experiment with light and mark-making to evoke a constantly shifting view

● Work with a variety of materials to create a range of diverse responses to the subject

● Culminate with substantial mixed media drawings that show a deep understanding of the subject whilst remaining playful in terms of format and approach

You can easily achieve this at the kitchen table, or if you have a larger space you can take the ideas on to make bigger drawings, I look forward to seeing the results!

16 ink wash kitchen final darks.jpeg
64 scissors soft pastel first pass with

Materials / Equipment required

2 x A1 or A2 Cartridge Paper (ideally 250gsm or other good quality drawing paper)