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Out of This earth

Tutor: Claire Benn. Textile or paper, with earth pigments and soya milk.

  • Starts 5 Aug
  • 500 British pounds
  • Old Moss Road

Course Information

This workshop is designed to introduce you to an ecological method of binding natural earth, mineral and synthetic pigments to textiles or paper using soya milk. The workshop will explore a wide range of approaches using liquid and thickened pigment paints and enable you to get to grips with the process. You’ll leave with knowledge, experience and a wide variety of samples – of a size that can be transformed into artworks, stitched items and/or functional items. The teaching style will encompass lectures/explanations, group reviews & discussions and one-to-one time. Content will include: *Collecting and processing your own earth pigments and using purchased pigments. *Making pigments sticks/crayons. *Making soya milk and thickening it to make soya paste. *Making liquid and thickened soya paints. *Applying paint to cloth and paper, including: - Pre-sizing - Working with liquid paints: the use of calligraphy tools, fingers, brushes, thieves, resists, cloth-to cloth transfer, use of surface pigment residue and the exploitation of different surfaces to create texture. - Working with thickened soya paint: using silkscreens, thermofax screens, needle-nose bottles, brushes, rollers, mono printing and stencils. *Working up multiple layers of processes/techniques, and the working window of opportunity. *Post-sizing. *Curing the pigments. *Exploring hand stitch on cloth before or after pigment application (pre-work or evening work!), and to progress work. This course is suitable for all levels. **Please note that students will need to bring along 5m of pre-washed linen to the course. An information sheet will be provided on booking with requirements, stockists and pre washing instructions. All other materials and equipment will be provided.

Course sessions

Bridge House Art Ltd Terms and Conditions

In addition to our normal Terms and Conditions. Students are required to supply 5m of linen, at their own cost, to bring along for their own use on this course. Full details will be supplied for pre-washing (scouring) to be done in advance of the course. Acceptance of this condition is presumed on booking

Contact Details

  • Old Moss Road, Ullapool IV26 2TG, UK

    01854 612281

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