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On This Day Daily Tasks

  • Try drawing with your non-dominant hand I.e. if you’re right-handed, draw with your left and vice versa. Don’t try to control it – you will get better with practice!

  • Blind drawing - do not look at your page, but let you eyes follow the shape of what you are looking at and let your hand follow your eye - again, gets better with practice! (helps not to lift the pen too far off the page)

  • Continual line drawing - do not lift the pencil/pen off the paper for the whole of the drawing, take it slowly and really try to look at shapes and how they connect across the drawing.

  • Double pencil - tape 2 pens/ pencils together to get a double shadow line.

  • Vary the pressure of the pencil on the paper to give a variety of weights of line.

  • If working with ink, do the same as above, vary the pressure to get a variety of line.

  • Do a double hand drawing I.e. draw with your left and right hand on 2 pieces of paper side by side, at the same time – notice how each hand responds differently.

  • On a pencil/graphite/ charcoal drawing - Lift out lights with an eraser and make darks with a pen.

  • DO NOT RUB OUT ANY LINES they are a useful guide to finding the correct line (Look at Alberto Giacometti)

  • Explore surfaces by making a variety of marks with the same drawing tool - dots, dashes, circles, smudges, lines of varying weight.

If you would like to share your work, you can either share it on our designated Facebook group: BHA_on_this_day or if you have an Instagram account, you can upload your image and tag Bridge House Art and #BHAonthisday


Day 1: record the colour and movement of the sky in the afternoon. 


Day 2: record the colour and movement of the sky in the morning.

day 3 - 1.jpg

Day 3: record the horizon, where the sky meets the land.


Day 4: record the piece of land closest to you. 


Day 5: record the view from your window. 


Day 6: record a view of your street.


Day 7: record your kitchen table.


Day 8 : draw the shapes/view between 2 objects on your kitchen table.


Day 9: record the view from one room to the next.


Day 10: record what you see at (or as near to) 11 am.


Day 11: record what you see at (or as near to)7 pm.


Day 12: open a cupboard and spend some time drawing the chaos, or the order, if that's what you have :)


Day 13: record objects silhouetted against a window during the day

objects silloetted.JPG

Day 14: record the same objects against the window at night

memory drawing.JPG

Day 15: After your daily exercise, do a ‘memory’ drawing of something you saw.

draw a person you can see day.JPG

Day 16: record a person that you can see – this may be a housemate, someone walking by, a newsreader on the TV – try to find a way of drawing that suits how you are seeing that person


Day 17: record your hands drawing.


Day 18: find three objects placed together in an interesting way in your house and spend time drawing them thinking about composition


Day 19: open a drawer in your house and record what’s inside

objects porttaits.JPG

Day 20: object/portraits – think about a person who means a lot to you, are there objects in your house that symbolise that person? Gather some together and draw a ‘portrait’ from them. (ref: Victoria Crowe. Andrew Wyeth)


Day 21: record a line of washing - either indoors or out


Day 22: record your mantlepiece, a shelf or a windowsill


Day 23: record your shadow across the room.

 self portrait day.JPG

Day 24: self portrait – try to find a way to depict yourself in a drawing that is not a traditional self portrait – your reflection in a shiny object like the back of a spoon. 


Day 25: record your breakfast table 


Day 26: record the most colourful thing you can see at midday (or as near to) 


Day 27: record the washing up in the sink


Day 28: record a piece of furniture by drawing only the negative spaces


Day 29: record something/someone that makes you smile when you look at it/them

Glimpse banner.jpg

Day 30: record a 360º drawing, or a series of four, of a room/space looking North, East, South, West

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