June Jamboree!

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We have had such wonderful feedback and participation with our 3rd lockdown art project - June Jamboree, that we are inclined to continue into July. We have a new project - Task and Talk, which we are preparing to launch on Wednesday 1st July with the first part of the project going up on the website on the afternoon of Friday July 3rd.


We realised from our last coffee morning catch-up, that many of you are really keen to keep going with the lockdown art projects and that some were finding that they need to catch up with the previous weeks tasks.


So we have come up with an amended week for this, the final few days of June and the first few days of July.


This week will consist of:

  • Monday 29th: we start the week with a new weekly word and a short fly-on-the-wall video of the thinking behind the choice of the word. 

  • Wednesday 1st July: we will publish the new project for July.....

  • Friday 3rd July @11am: we are having another Live Bridge House Art, Coffee Break Catch-up, where you can join us in person, albeit in a small box on the screen, to show and tell all the lovely work you have created and how you have responded to this week's word. (book your place here before 7pm Thursday each week)

How about that then! 


If you have just joined our June Jamboree, the previous weeks words are here.  The BHA Weekly Word Facebook group and #bhaweeklyword on Instagram, will still be the place to share your work.

An eavesdrop into our post coffee catch-up chat from last Friday

Monday June 29th. 


The new weekly word is 


We have come to realise that we couldn't leave you all 'high and dry', waiting for the next art project. So for this week of transition; the last few days of June and the first few days of July, we would like you to revisit and reflect on the four words of June Jamboree: Memento, Vessel, Fragment, Ritual.


Consolidate any unfinished work, unresolved ideas, unfollowed lines of thought.


Revisit some of the tasks of On This Day. Choose some of your favourite tasks and approach them again with the new range of skills and ways of working, that you have developed during this month.

Reflect on the fact that we have passed the summer solstice during June, the days are getting almost imperceivably shorter on a daily basis, but over a week, it is noticeable. Take the time to notice, use the drawing demonstrations we have given you this month to record what you are seeing.

View the week as a breathing space, a space to gather your thoughts and recharge the batteries.


Prepare yourself for the Task and Talk challenge!

Thank you for supporting

Bridge House Art

Over the last few weeks, many of you have been getting in touch to ask if there was a way to contribute or make a donation towards the work we are doing. We thank those of you that have already generously donated independently; some have likened it to buying us a virtual cup of coffee, some included a cake, others have alluded treating us to dinner!  Overall, your comments and feedback have affirmed how important it is for us to safeguard the future of Bridge House Art.

After much consideration we have added a donation button to our page. It is entirely by voluntary contribution and only if you feel inclined to support us. We hope you do as we want to be here for you in the future and above all want to see you in person at Bridge House Art in a safer future. 

At Bridge House Art, we aim to continue to bring you content, regardless of any donation, during this uncertain time. We have listened to your comments and feedback over the last two projects - On this Day was a huge success, but some found the daily task a bit overwhelming and were anxious if they missed a day. Weekly Word has enjoyed another creative following, but the daily connection with the group was missed by quite a few. So, we're hoping that June Jamboree is the perfect solution!

Remember: If you would like to share your work, the BHA Weekly Word Facebook group and #bhaweeklyword on Instagram, is still the place. If you have just joined our June Jamboree, the previous weeks words are here.

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