The Teaching

If we believe that art is a language, like any language it has a fundamental structure which must be learned in order to gain a greater fluency. Art provides a means of understanding the world we live in and enriches our life as we gain a fresh awareness of ourselves in relationship to it. It is the belief at Bridge House Art, that all can learn to think and communicate visually and to express through a variety of media a genuine response to the surrounding environment.

Eleanor White is the founder, course director and principal tutor at Bridge House Art. She has a broad range of teaching experience and has inspired and encouraged hundreds students over the 20 years that Bridge House Art has existed. Every year, visiting tutors are selected and invited to lead courses that complement and expand the range of courses that we offer.

Eleanor White: Principal / Director - drawing, painting, mixed media
Eleanor continues to be a visiting tutor at the Leith School of Art Edinburgh, which inspired the inception of Bridge House Art. Community education and travelling workshops remain a large part of her wider experience as a teacher, reaching many communities in the Highlands, central Scotland and England.
Eleanor also works with Rufus Reade Tours for  as the invited tutor on painting holidays in Europe and the middle east. She taught at the Edinburgh Academy and trained as a graphic designer at Glasgow College of building and printing. Her own practice is mixed media drawing and painting.

Kittie Jones - printing, drawing, painting
Kittie graduated in June 2008 from the Fine Art degree at Edinburgh College of Art. She has taught at Leith School of Art and is now teaching part-time on the portfolio course at Bridge House Art and as a summer school tutor.

Kittie is a practicing artist working mainly in ink, gouache and charcoal at her studio in Edinburgh. She has recently been elected a full professional member of the Society of Wildlife Artists (SWLA). For more information about Kittie, please go to her website

Sheila Robertson - painting

Sheila Robertson is a practising painter who has exhibited widely in the UK. She graduated from Glasgow School of Art in Drawing and Painting.
She has a broad range of teaching experience and teaches part time on the Portfolio Course at Bridge House Art.

Working mainly in her studio, Sheila creates beautifully observed paintings, capturing the light and mood of a particular moment. Quiet spaces, punctuated by bursts of intense colour, direct the viewer to the essence of what has captured her attention.

Kenneth Le Riche - painting
After completing the Foundation Course at Leith School of Art, Kenneth studied Drawing, Painting and Printmaking at Edinburgh College of Art. He then went on to do a MFA at the New York Academy of Art where he graduated with distinction. Kenneth has taught at the Leith School of Art, Edinburgh College of Art, Amagansett Applied Arts, New York State, and The East Harlem School, New York City. He is on the Moray Art Centre Board of Directors and has exhibited in Edinburgh, New York, Barcelona, Amman and Jerusalem. Kenneth has also been artist-in-residence at Odd Nerdrum’s Studios in Norway and the Mohtaraf Remal For Arts, Jordan, among others.
Kenneth's art depicts the experience of making a drawing or painting from observation, representing the relationship between motif, materials used and himself.

Jemma Derbyshire  - painting
Jemma Derbyshire is a painter, orginally from the Highlands, now living and working in Edinburgh. She studied Drawing and Painting, Edinburgh College of Art and now works from her Edinburgh based studio. Her works are bold, using vivid colours often inspired by the raw, exposed landscape of the Scottish Highlands and from her love of travel. Jemma also tutors a variety of classes and workshops.

Light, sense of place, atmosphere and experience, are fundamental elements in Jemma's work. Her paintings come from her experience of, and relationship to the landscape. This may be through trying to capture the essence of a moment, weather, illumination, or perhaps colour. To find out more about Jemma, please visit her website

Nina Morris - mixed media
Nina first came to Bridge House Art as a mature student on the Portfolio Course in 2013. After completing the course, Nina returned to the United States to further her art studies and eventually do an MFA at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 3D.  

Nina works in sculpture and installation.  She works in mixed media with some found objects.  Her work is abstract and purposely ambiguous, leaving room for the viewer to ask questions.

In her practice, alongside making bigger sculpture works, Nina uses drawing and embroidery as a way of coming up with new ideas. 

Lucy May Schofield - book/box making, bookbinding, Japanese printmaking
Lucy May Schofields practice attempts to capture moments. Focussing on the overlooked, she consistently documents vulnerability. Her desire to memorialise the unspoken and make a record of mortality or place are often manifest in the paintings, prints, books and installations she creates.

To visit Lucy May Schofield's site please go to 

Jan Kilpatrick - textiles
Jan is a regular guest tutor on the Portfolio Course and has over 20 years of teaching experience in schools, community education and in the private sector.

Specialising in textiles, Jan spends much of her time encouraging others, through workshops and courses, to see beyond self-imposed limitations and to find their own means of creative expression. Her own work is a heady mix of media, often three-dimensional and containing a narrative. The images and symbols for these works are sometimes drawn from her own poetry.
To find out more about Jan's work please go to

Merlin Planterose - jewellery, silversmithing

Jewellery and silversmithing in the north west highlands of Scotland.

Merlin graduated from Duncan and Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee, in 2010. In 2013 she attended Goldsmiths College London.

To visit Merlin's website please go to

Christine Morrison - printmaking, drawing, digital media
Christine graduated from Edinburgh College of Art; Intermedia BA (hons) and from Edinburgh University/ECA; Art, Space and Nature MFA. Her practice is based on a need to be out in the natural landscape.
Primarily she makes work by researching data and information relevant to a specific location and from a personal or emotional response to place.
Community art projects are an important part of her practice and she regularly collaborates with other artists. Christine teaches part-time on the portfolio course and summer school. To visit her website   go to