Bridge House Art, is very proud of it's reputation as a place for inspiration, creativity and learning. Every year our students range from those on a return visit or on their first adventure into the highlands of the west coast of Scotland.

No matter how much we can tell you about how wonderful it is here, sometimes it's just better to hear what others have to say.

Here is a selection of notes and emails that we receive every year;

"Thank you so much for a fabulous week in every way.... I feel refreshed visually and creatively, with a longing to return to Ullapool and its surrounding places. Every day was so interesting and challenging, and with such a good group of people very exciting and invigorating. We had good fun mixed with serious work. The course provided many possibilities for future exploration." Y.M. Perth.

"Thank you so so much for the wonderful workshop.... it was a complete joy.... not only did you produce the most delightful still life installations to inspire us, but you also structured and paced the whole weekend so that we always knew what we were doing, how long we had to do it and there always seemed to be just the right amount of time in which to do it. As a result we all came away with a skip in our step, a grin on our faces and paintings and mark makings and drawings to be pleased with" F.N. Edinburgh

"I felt I must write to thank you for having me on the folio course. I had a wonderful, happy time and really appreciate your excellent tuition. I just hope I can retain some of it long enough to improve now I am home again. I loved getting to know all the youngsters and feel I have made 'friends for life' among the other students too." ML. N. Inverness-shire

"Thank you so much as always for a wonderful course! I liked the meditative aspect of it and enjoyed putting it on to paper. Here is something I heard on the radio (advice to John Constable) 'Always remember Sir, light and shadow never stand still.' I like the fleeting quality of light and shadow never stand still - the play of light on sea and land is very much part of your Art Course teaching and it also gives a sense of the onward dynamic of what you've created at Bridge House Art." L. Blair Atholl.

"I had a fantastic week and can't quite believe that it passed so quickly! How lucky we were with the weather. I'm back to work next week and it won't be as jolly as the week I had with you and those hilarious students!" J.D. Edinburgh

"I just want to say 'Thank You' for a brilliant week and also to congratulate you on your magnificent handling of such a diverse group with such skill and huge encouragement....just the right element of newness and challenge for each person so that each could develop in their own way...it was just amazing and such a thrill to be part of." G. Black Isle