Coherence of Content - mixed media drawing and painting

29th July - 2nd August, 2019
Tutor: Eleanor White
Course Fee: £370

Fully Booked!

Returning to the same location over the course of a week and learning to see more each time, allows you to gain a greater understanding of the image your are creating. As familiarity allows for experimentation, this in turn embraces risk taking with the materials used to build that image.

You will be encouraged to hone in on a subject, be it the natural or manmade landscape that surrounds Ullapool or the built environment within the village parameters. A sketchbook will be used to gather a selection of quick and more in-depth drawings of your chosen subject.

Over the next four days students will be given the opportunity to explore four different methods of working, to help get to the nub of the subject of your choice. As you play and encounter many different methods and applications of a variety of media, you will discover how each media will create a variety of results.

You will be encouraged to continue exploring the same subject for the duration of the week, thus enabling you to build a portfolio of work that has a coherence of content.

All summer school courses run from 9.30am - 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. All materials and equipment are supplied, with a simple lunch provided daily. It is important to wear old clothes as art is a messy business. Be prepared and dress for the Highland weather, expect sun and rain, four seasons have been experienced in one day! Outdoor, waterproof clothing is essential.