Conversations with Colour - landscape and imagination

6th - 10th August, 2018
Tutor: Eleanor White
Course Fee: £360
Fully Booked!

The course will get off to an exciting start by playing with colour in a variety of ways and applications both in an expressive and controlled manner.

This will create an understanding of what colours give joy and immediate inspiration and what colours we need to make friends with! Through this exploration an understanding of the viscosity of paint, its opacity and translucency will come into play.

Tuition will be given in the use of glazes and textured pastes and the potential these have to inform choices made within building final images.

Inspiration will come from engaging with the wild and wonderful west coast by gathering drawings with renewed vigour and returning to the studio with both in depth drawings and quick sketches to give the starting point to building a body of paintings in glorious colour.

All summer school courses run from 9.30am - 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. All materials and equipment are supplied, with a simple lunch provided daily. It is important to wear old clothes as art is a messy business. Be prepared and dress for the Highland weather, expect sun and rain, four seasons have been experienced in one day! Outdoor, waterproof clothing is essential.