Expressive mark - making into Abstraction

*Please note this holiday is booked directly through NorthWest Highland Art

Saturday 1st - Friday 7th April 2017
Tutor: Eleanor White
Cost: £675 (Artist student, fully residential) £525 (Non- artist, fully residential) £255 (Day Student)

For twenty years, tutor Eleanor White has encouraged students to go out into the landscape 'no matter what the weather', to experience nature in its finest moments and at its most challenging.

Artists tend to thrive on this: the rapid change of weather, the drama of light and dark, lost and found horizons, blinding sun on glittering water or an unexpected torrential downpour.  The elemental force of nature challenges artists to push the boundaries with media, scale and format - thus discovering an active way of approaching this timeless subject. 

This course will concentrate on ways in which we make marks and how marks relate to each other to build an image.  Emphasis will be placed on risk taking with both the thinking behind abstraction and with the physical expression as the marks are explored for their own sake.

Once confidence is gained, the course will develop the understanding of the mark making to invent, create and discover the image.  Motifs from the landscape may act as a springboard for development.

This course is suitable for beginners and experienced artists. It is arranged through Northwest Highland Arts. Please click here for further information and to reserve a place.