Romania: painting along the enchanted road

 *Please note; these holidays are booked direct through Rufus Reade Tours

15th - 30th September 2017 (13 nights)
Cost: from £2,995 (Excl International flights)
Painting Tutor: Eleanor White with Rufus Reade Tours.

The Bucovina region is in Moldavia in north-eastern Romania. The legend tells of a prince who was out hunting with his dog, Molda. Crossing a river the dog drowned and the prince named the land after his beloved Molda.

In 1775 the area became part of a province named Galicia which remained in Habsburg hands until 1918 when Bucovina was returned to Romania. Bucovina is the Romanian version of the Austrian name for the area:  the land of beech trees.

The remarkable thing about Bucovina are the churches and monasteries, some of them famous for being painted inside and out, offering an interesting mixture of traditional styles and Byzantine elements.

By contrast we will visit Maramures, much of it surrounded by mountains, with lovely valleys. Here there are also 17th and 18th century wooden churches.

The pace of the holiday will be dictated by wanting to linger in order to paint and draw. We intend to pause in villages and observe the rural round, under Eleanor White’s expert tuition.

Eleanor and Rufus have been collaborating with their painting holidays since 1994. During this time, many groups have sketched and painted in beautiful and exciting locations around the world. Romania will undoubtably be a memorable experience.

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