Object and Memory

22nd - 26th August, 2016
Tutor: Eleanor White
Course Fee: £350
Fully Booked!
Every object tells a story; how it has been used, the places it has been, whether its significance has grown over its life or deteriorated over time. The west-coast shoreline has many objects that inhabit the landscape and that tell of a time and place in recent and past history. Many of these objects are large and sculptural, others are treasures and curiosities that are picked up, held in the hand and can be closely observed.

Throughout the week, time will be divided between working directly from the landscape and studio work, where ideas around this theme can be developed in greater depth.

Using the written word as initial response to both landscape and object the course will develop through the use of mixed media, to explore a series of works that reflect the theme and give a narrative content to images.

All summer school courses run from 9.30am - 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. All materials and equipment are supplied, with a simple lunch provided daily. It is important to wear old clothes as art is a messy business. Be prepared and dress for the Highland weather, expect sun and rain, four seasons have been experienced in one day! Outdoor, waterproof clothing is essential.

Please click on the image below for a slideshow of previous students work

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