5x5x5: five days, five locations, five different media

17th - 21st August, 2015
Tutor: Eleanor White
Course Fee: £330

Fully Booked 

Over the past 20 years, summer school students have experienced going into the landscape ‘no matter what the weather’ to experience nature in its finest moments and at its most challenging. Artists tend to thrive on this: the rapid change of weather, the drama of light and dark, lost and found horizons, blinding sun on glittering water or an unexpected torrential downpour. The elemental force of nature challenges artists to push the boundaries with media, scale and format - thus discovering an active way of approaching this timeless subject.

Five days, five locations, five different media will offer the beginner, as well as the experienced artist, the chance to explore both location and media, utilising a variety of drawing and painting methods.

All you need for this course is to come with a ‘going for it’ attitude to the weather and materials, a good set of waterproofs, sun cream and a sense of humor!
All courses run from 9.30am - 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. All materials and equipment are supplied, with a simple lunch provided daily. It is important to wear old clothes as art is a messy business. Be prepared and dress for the Highland weather, expect sun and rain, four seasons have been experienced in one day! Outdoor, waterproof clothing is essential.

Please click on the image below for a slideshow of previous students work
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