Listening to the Landscape - Old Sleningford

The Stable Gallery, Old Sleningford, Nr Ripon, North Yorkshire

9th and 10th April 2014 
Tutor: Eleanor White
£150 non residential

Information of availability and reserving a place, please go to

This course will aim to offer each student the opportunity to get in touch with nature and the surrounding landscape through hearing, touch, sight and smell, by employing the senses rather than only sight to inform the practical making of an image.

Imagine the feel of soft mist as it falls on your face, the crunch and give of the small stones on a walk, the scent of a spring garden, the warmth of the sun or the frustration brought by the force of the wind and rain - all these combined with the surrounding landscape of Slenningford will act as the inspiration to the weekend. The use of memory, imagination, poetry and writing will also help inform the work.

Many landscape artists such as Turner and Joan Eardley have been influenced not just by sight, but by the true experience that each of the elements and the forces of nature can bring to the artist. A course that would suit people willing to work outside in any and all weathers to explore experimental drawing and painting in both an observational and abstract manner.