Les McMinn

Attended 2011/12 
Varanasi X  40x30. Acrylic and ink on paper
Every once in a while in life we are given an opportunity to take a step out of our comfort zone and embark on a different journey for a while. Often we have no real way of knowing what might happen nor of where we might end up. Prompted by the question from a good friend 'Do you want to take your art seriously? Or not?' I arrived at Bridge House armed with little more than myself and a sense of good fortune to live in Ullapool for a while. 

The experience was one of the most formative in my life, both personally and professionally. The programme is both stimulating and challenging and forces you to engage with yourself as an artist. The outcome is unpredictable but is up to you to shape that individually. The teaching staff are brilliant and the environment is almost hard to believe. 

Since finishing the programme I have established myself as an artist in Oxford as part of Magdalen Road Studios and have just had my first solo exhibition 'On the Edge of a Life' at Wolfson College, University of Oxford.